The Rules of the Game

Women’s Rugby 7s – each team has seven players on the pitch. For every match, except for the final, there are two halves of seven minutes each, playing for a total of 14 minutes, and extra time can be added if needed.


The final match is a little longer, consisting of two 10-minute halves and any extra time necessary.


For all the rules regarding women’s rugby 7s, check out the Official Rugby Rules

Why Women’s Rugby 7s (Sevens)?

Become Unstoppable

The question should be more like ‘why not 7s Rugby?’


Rugby is suitable for anyone and everyone! Whether you’re playing socially or competitively, no matter your age, your size, your ability or your background, there’s a version of rugby suitable for you.


Playing a team sport is one of the best bonding experiences you can have.Whether you have played oz tag, soccer, hockey or another team sport or simply looking to compliment your tennis, swimming, or cycling – you will find we’re a great mob, a supportive and light-hearted club and keen to see more women in rugby.


It’s about the courage and skill rugby demands, and the fun to be had to train for a win alongside the lifelong friendships that are forged. Rugby is not only a competitive game – it’s a social game about enjoying the moment with people who share their passions with what you love most. The future may see our club grow to 15 a side #fingerscrossed.

Australian Women’s Rugby Team is one of the World’s Best

The Australian Women’s 7s squad has been one of the strongest teams worldwide since they started competing internationally in 2008. Since 7s Rugby became officially recognised as an Olympic sport, women’s 7s rugby has only increased in recognition and participation. It’s one of the fastest-growing women’s team sports, worldwide!


Whether it’s the World Cup Rugby Sevens Series, the Olympics, or other international competitions on a global stage, Australia’s team has always competed against the best as one of the best.

Olympic Women's Rugby 7s

The Olympics

To be officially recognised to be an Olympic sport means that there’s a certain level of elite athleticism in speed, power and skill, required to excel. It shows that while rugby sevens is a fun, social game that you can play with your mates, it’s also a sport that has unstoppable levels of personal growth when you dedicate yourself to competing. That’s the Olympics, after all – to push the boundaries of what a person can achieve, and stunning the world by achieving what was previously thought impossible. Women’s Rugby 7s can take female athletes all the way to the top!

HSBC Sydney 7s

There are many tournaments held nationally and internationally. One of the highlight games hosted on Aussie soil is the HSBC Sydney 7s, inviting the world to come play on our home ground on an exciting rugby weekend filled with live music, competitive spirit, and summer sport.